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Material: natural agate. 

The dimensions of the large Dzi bead 9 eyes: 40x15mm. 

Dzi bead with twelve eyes symbolizes fearlessness, the fulfillment of all desires and perfection in all aspects. This powerful bead gives the owner inner strength to overcome fear and obstacles, helps to exceed any expectations and achieve fame and recognition. 

Sizes of small Dzi beads 3 eyes: 10x10mm. 

Nine-eyed bead Dzi is the most famous and popular of all Tibetan Dzi beads. This bead is especially suitable for those people who aspire to achieve fame, fame and great popularity with the public. These qualities, along with the ability to manage one's affairs well, allow one to achieve a high position in society and a good level of income. The nine-eyed Dzi bead serves as a kind of resonance and energy amplifier of the owner and helps a person achieve much greater success than he could achieve without her help. 

The diameter of the rosary beads: 4-8mm. 
Agate - a stone - a protector. It protects against any negativity, helps during pregnancy and lactation, restores the balance of the body, spirit and mind, cleanses and stabilizes the aura, soothes, pacifies, improves mental abilities, protects against envy, strengthens love and marital fidelity. Agate is an excellent children's amulet and a good stone for meditation.

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Material: leather, wood.

Length: 45cm.
Thickness: 3mm.
Necklace width: 3.8cm.

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Material: leather, wood.

Length: 48cm.
Thickness: 7mm.
Necklace width: 9cm.

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Material: wood, mother of pearl.

Length: 60cm.
Thickness: 10mm.
Connector dimensions: 8x6cm.

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Material: beads, pearls.

Length: 52cm.
Thickness: 3mm.
Necklace width: 0.9cm.