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Our office is now offering genetic testing as a part of our medication management program. Great Lakes Psychiatric utilizes Millennium Health to investigate a person’s ability to metabolize medications effectively and to reduce potential of secondary side effects.

The process includes a saliva sample that is collected at our office and shipped to a lab located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Results are received in 5-7 days approximately for your provider to review. Once a month we also have a Millennium Lab Assistant in office, for collections as well.

Testing is covered by most insurances and Millennium offers an income sensitive repayment plan option for others. Results can also be used as tier therapy evidence for insurance companies to authorize medications without having to trial and fail insurance formulary requirements.

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have regarding this cutting edge genetic testing!

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Medication Management

Great Lakes Psychiatric. offers Medication Management for persons ages 12 – 65 years to treat the symptoms of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder , attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), schizophrenias and many more. Our approach for treatment includes psychotherapy in combination with medications. We take pride in our thorough initial evaluations and ongoing relationship with our patients. We want to provide the best comprehensive experience possible. Developing a treatment plan incorporates our LMSW, Physician or Nurse Practitioner and Staff Nurse. Our individualized services help best determining the appropriate medication based on an individual’s needs and medical situation while under the supervision of a board certified psychiatrist.

Psychiatric Medications

Psychiatric medications treat mental health and mood disorders. The class of medications called “Psychotropic or Psychotherapeutic” have changed the lives of many clients for the better and allow people with mental disorders to live fulfilling lives. Even though medications will not “cure” a diagnosis, the symptoms can be managed so activities of daily living can be more manageable and life can be more enjoyable. We use cutting edge technology and evidence based practices.

Since no one person is the same, using cutting edge technology like genetic testing and education continuation provides our health care professionals the tools needed to provide accurate patient care. Medications are not a “natural” compound and secondary side effects may occur. Our priority is to limit these as much as possible and be available for questions or concerns.

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